Company Profile

DaAn Gene Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat-sen University was established in 1993 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 9, 2004.

DaAn Gene is a high-tech enterprise oriented in molecular diagnostic techniques. In China, DaAn means molecular diagnostics, it grows up with this market. Since its first days, DaAn Gene has dedicated to be the Molecular Diagnostics leader, but it’s name (DaAn is the phrase of DNA), with the Certificate of GMP, DaAn Gene is consistently committed to R&D, production and service of Molecular Diagnostics. Its product line includes qPCR, Sequencing, and e-DNA reader and chip products.

DaAn has its own self-patented probes and ingredient for real time qPCR, its hot-start Gold Medal system can highly depress the non-specific amplification and stable transportation and longer shelf life. Its self-patent Complex Probes and DMG probes can greatly enhance the sensitivity and accuracy comparing to our counterpart. Under its market proven manufacture and QC system ,DaAn Gene guaranteed the lot-to-lot consistency and product quality, DaAn is now in the projects of OEM or ODM for some premium brands and under inspection of CFDA and QA criteria.

As of today, DaAn Gene has set up a distribution network covering all of mainland China, and the products scale extends to overseas, including India, America, Europe and some Southeast Asian countries. Molecular Diagnostics as a new method , proven to be more accurate and shorter turn-around time, plays a very important part in Infectious diseases, epidemic disease and CDC, blood bank.

DaAn Group also includes some sibling companies focusing in Different field, like Darui is expert in neo-natal and prenatal screening and TRFIA assay. LBP is in Cervical Cancer screening and pathology department, Dayuan in food safety , Life-DaAn (JV) in sequencing, these brand stands for No.1 in China, and we hope to give No.1 solution to the world.

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