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Ballet X3 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument


Ballet X3 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument adopts innovative rotation type magnetic beads resuspension technology and smart and flexible design extraction consumables. It not onlymeets the large sample (sample volume up to 2000μl) nucleic acid extraction applications, but alsocan select consumables quantity in accordance with the number of samples, whichensures the accuracy and independence of the sample processing procedure while avoiding the waste of consumables, to achieve zero loss of supplies reagent. Ballet X3 can possess 1-24 different samples nucleic acid extraction and purification at a time.

Users can perform simple operations through the large-size touch screen of the instrument to start the experiment After the end of the experiment, the extraction of nucleic acids stored in a separate elution tube, the elution tube can be taken out and cryopreservation or for subsequent detection using.

Application range

The second generation of sequencing free DNA, nucleic acid sample room, nucleic acid testing blood screening, clinical testing, disease control systems, ultra-sensitive detection extraction, scientific research institutions.

Equipment characteristics

Humanized touch-screen operation

Convenient button settings, graphical operation interface, touch operation, easy to use.

Big sample volume process

Sample volume can up to 2000μl, improve the detection sensitivity, to meet a variety of applications.

Rotation type magnetic beads resuspension technology

Use innovative rotation type magnetic beads resuspension technology to avoid aerosol pollution caused by the violent oscillation and ensures the integrity of the nucleic acid structure.

Reagents,consumables zero loss

Smart and flexible consumable design;Oneconsumable for one sample, mutually independent, to avoid cross-contamination. Select supplies based on the number of samples, economical and efficient. The nucleic acid samples are eluted in a separate elution tubes. It is helpful for storage.

Safety protection

The door of extraction container has automatically lock function, which ensuresthe safe operation of the machineAlso,built-in UV sterilization function  ensures the biology safety of laboratory.

Equipment parameters

Working mode

Automatic extraction

Extraction model

Rotating mixing; independent sampleextraction with flexible consumables: single ortetragenous; carrying out extractions of maximum 24 samples at the same time.

Sample volume


Processing volume



1 to 24 samples

Independent nucleic acid elution tube

Support, the elution tube can be separated from extractionconsumables and stored separately.

Recovery rate of magnetic beads


Range of temperature control

Room temperature to 99

Mixing modes


Difference between extracting holes

Variation coefficient not exceeding 1%

Operating interface

Large-screen touch operation, graphical interface, easy to use

Shortcut running program

8 groups shortcut running programs, only two clicks to start the testrun at least.

Instrument port

RS232, RJ45 and USB various data ports

Program management

Create, edit, save and deleteexperiment program

UV ultraviolet sterilization

Mutual support

Pre-packaged reagent

Mutual support

Extraction time

10-60 min/run (depends on the technical requirements of extraction reagent)



Rated power


Working temperature range


Working humidity range


External dimensions (length×width×height)

446mm×384 mm×633mm