Food Safety Products

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Guangzhou Dayuan Food Safety Technology Co., LTD is created by DaAn Gene Co., LTD. Of Sun Yat-sen University (stock code: 002030) and Guangzhou Sanyuan Technology co., LTD. Guangzhou Dayuan is focus on testing equipment, reagent consumables and network management software in the fields of food and drug safety, including research, production, sales and service. At the same time, it can provide users with professional laboratory overall design, decoration, laboratory furniture and equipment. It is currently the largest Chinese high-tech enterprises provideing comprehensive solutions in the field of food and drug safety.

Instrument Product list

1. DY-1000 Pesticide Residues Analyzer (DY-1000)


DY-1000 Pesticide Residues Analyzer is developed by DaYuan based on Enzyme Inhibition (TLC-EI) Technique from(GB/T5009.199—2003)and (NY/T 448-2001). It can detect the contents of carbamate and organophosphorus pesticides in vegetable and fruit precisely and quickly.

Detect principle
According to the Enzyme Inhibition (TLC-EI) Technique, carbamate and organophosphorus will inhibit the activity of cholinesterase, and then affect the reaction speed of the coloured system . Detecting the change rate of absorbance with time in the coloured system, we can get the amount of pesticide residues in the sample. The result shows with inhibition rate.


  • High Detection Efficiency: 12 to 18 channels
  • High degree of automation: multi channels or single channel as you want
  • High accuracy: Use imported special LED light source
  • Long standby time: last for 120 hours (5 days)
  • Large Storage Capacity: 50,000 measurement data
  • Long sheft time: 10 years

The steps of operation


2. Portable Pesticide Residue Rapid Detector (DY-PR-10P)


Portable Pesticide Residue Rapid Detector is specially designed on the basis of paper disk method(GB/T5009.199-2003). It can do qualitative detection fast for testing organophosphorus and carbamates pesticide residue in vegetables and fruits.

Range of Application
It can do quick test in vegetable production base, wholesale market and distribution center.
It also can take quick test in the food pre-process at the supermarket, market, restaurant, mess hall and home.


  • Excellent Stability
  • Fast Testing Speed and High Efficiency
  • Temperature is controlled accurately
  • It is small, light and easy to carry

Detect principle
Cholinesterase (white) can catalyze indophenol acetate (hydrolyzed into acetic acid and indophenol(blue)).
Organophosphorus or carbamates pesticides have inhibiting effect to cholinesterase. It can change processes of catalysis, hydrolysis and color change.


The steps of operation


3. Intelligent Multi-Functional Food Safety Analyzer (DY-3300)


DY-3300Intelligent Multi-Functional Food Safety Analyzer is a new food safety quantitative determination instrument which combines quick test and follows the newest China food safety standard. It can do efficient qualitive tests or quantitative tests for different kinds of food additives such as methanal, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, sulfur dioxide, nitrite, proteins and residual chlorine.

Range of Applications
It is widely used for food & drug supervision system, industry & commerce system, agricultural system, quality supervision system, health supervision system, import and export inspection and quarantine centre, commercial system etc.
It also can be used for supervising some unsafe ingredients of food industry enterprise, agriculture by-product wholesale market, agriculture production base, markets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and so on.


  • High Level of Automation
  • High Accuracy
  • Long Service Life
  • High level of Informationization
  • Huge Store Memory
  • Varieties of Testing Methods
  • Customized Design
  • High Efficiency


The steps of operation


4. Meat Moisture Rapid Detector (DY-6400)


Generally, the water content of livestock meat < 78%. After water injection, muscle is edema, surface is wet, with lower pressure, recovery slowly or can't recover and liquid leakage. Pigs, cattle and sheep are the most common objects, water injection is the key test object. The DY-6400 is used detect the water content of livestock meat.


  • Reference value calculating/setting/storage function
  • The judgment standard setting function
  • Excessive Measurement alarm function
  • Battery prompt function
  • Data storage/query/deletion
  • Connection to computer
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