DA 3200 Nucleic Acid Extractor

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1 Introduction of Instrument

DA3200 is ultra highly performance automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment. It’s high automation and easy operation, safe and reliable, and the three dimensional motion of mechanical arm and the high precision of pipetting module without maintenance is applied in the instrument.The application of air displacement technology in pipetting and the function of liquid level and blocking detection can quickly extract the DNA and RNA in the sample.

The 96 - well plates are used as consumables for extraction,and the plates support for preassembling of magnetic beads reagent. The exaction and purification of 48 samples can be carried at the same time, and the sample could be placed by batch.The sample-adding and preparation of PCR reaction solution also can be compeleted very flexibly by the instrument.Then the prepared reaction solution and nucleic acid which is separated and purificated will be added to the 96-well plates,strip or tubular PCR reaction tube.The instument achieve real automation of sample-adding and insure the preparation accuracy of the reaction solution.

2 Characteristic of the instrument

  • Compact design, which saves your laboratory space
  • High level automation, which can eliminate the manual factors which affects your result
  • Rapid extraction: 48 samples could be finished mininum within 45 minutes 
  • Precise pipetting with professional pipetting technology, which could meet the various requirement of pipetting
  • Reliable management of information with the application of barcode technology, which could trace the sample information and process
  • Safe protection with ultraviolet disinfection and air filtration system, which could ensure a clean and closed environment for extraction and prevent the cross contamination and environmental pollution in sample and laboratory effectively

DA3200 外形2