Sedimentation Liquid Based Cell Production Dyeing System Featured

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The Main Technical Parameters of Sedimentation Liquid Based Cell Production Dyeing System
1. Slide preparation principle: gravity-driven sedimentation. The karyoplasms ratio increases in lesioned cells, whose proportion is larger than that of normal cells and sedimentation velocity is faster. Therefore, the components of lesioned cells with diagnostic could be captured in priority by the slide and the detection positive rate is improved.
2. In the early stage of specimen processing, the impurities in specimen are directly removed through the filter. The operation is easy and rapid.
3. By the centrifugal force generated from rapid rotation, the waste in staining platform is thrown away thoroughly. The unique method of waste exclusion solves the pipeline clogging completely.
4. Add the specimen automatically. Each specimen can be accurately transferred to the appropriate position by controlling the robot arm in rail movement. The movement accuracy could reach the millimeter level. 12 specimens can be handled each time, which ensures the cells with diagnostic significance could adhere to the slides.
5. Stain automatically. The accuracy of absorbing and injecting liquid could reach the microlitre level by using high-precision syringe pump. It avoids wasting a lot of reagents for adding solution to pipeline in similar products. The cosumption of staining solution in each specimen is not more than 0.25ml.
6. The slide preparation has achieved gravity-driven sedimentation. Continuity, mass production and standardization have been achieved in automatic staining. The time of adding and staining for 12 specimens is less than 30 minutes.
7. It can alarm when the machine lack of fluid and detect the reagent volume automatically, which reduces human error effectively.
8. The slide is made with a diagnosis area of 13mm diameter circle. It saves the diagnostician’s slide reading time and improves the reading efficiency.
9. Automatically and independently stain each slide. It could select the start position randomly. The stain method(Pap stain, HE stain)can be adjusted according to the diagnostic requirement. Staining solution is used only one time to avoid cross-contamination, which ensures the consistency of slide preparation and staining. There is no difference between batches.
10. Chinese & English operation interface. It is easy to operate and control friendly.
11. Application scope: cervical exfoliated cytological examination and non cervical exfoliated cytological examination.