Anti-HBe ELISA Kit

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Anti-HBe ELISA is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the qualitative determination of Anti-HBe in human serum or plasma.



1. Sensitivity

The sensitivity studies have been evaluated by using the national panel of Anti-HBe prepared by National Institute For the Control of
Pharmaceutical and Biological Products (China), the minimal concentration of detection was not above 0.5 NCU/L.

2. Specificity

The specificity has been determinated on blood donors’samples (10902 samples tested) and on hospitalized patients (1406 samples tested). The
specificity calculated is respectively 99.87% and 99.16%.

3. Precision

Assay reproducibility was determined by assaying 3 specimens in replicates of 10 on 2 consecutive runs using the same production lot. The
Intra-assay and Inter-assay standard deviation (S.D.) and the coefficient of variation (%CV) were calculated (Table I).
The mean signal to cut-off ratio (S/CO) is defined as the Mean Sample Absorbance divided by the calculated Cut-Off value.

Table 1: Table shows reproducibility of assay results performed on Anti-HBe ELISA.