The Urine Collection Cup and Urine Collection Tube

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Name: The urine collection cup and Urine collection tube
PrNO: The urine collection cup and Urine collection tube

The urine collection cup:
1. Cup body USES the high transparent materials, physical properties such as easy to observe the color of urine.
2. By tightening the lid, not easy to leakage and convenient hospital internal transport specimens of transfer system.
3. Collection cup capacity of 120 ml. Cup body with capacity calibration, convenient and quantitative sampling.
4. Lid with sampling hole, through the clever design, convenient and vacuum sealed sample detection.
5. Tag USES three tenors code design,one sign three number, and USES the removable glue materials, convenient staff repost labels, tags, identify easily.


Urine collection tube:
1. Using sharp bottom PET centrifugal tube structure. Can be used in the urine routine inspection and urinary sediment examination.
2. Centrifugal tube pointed bottom 0.2 ml scale line, more suitable for urinary sediment visible component testing.
3. Collecting tube of glue is the Great Wall of spray cap, reduce pollution.
4. The label has 5 ml low filling lines and 8 ml high filling line, quantitative sampling to improve detection accuracy and standardization.