LBP system

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Automatic Liquid-based Preparation (LBP) System

(1) Specimen collection
The head of brush sampler is directly preserved in the specimen vial, 100% cells are used for preparation.
(2) Specimen separation and extraction
Separate blood, mucus and other interference components in the specimen by density gradient reagent. Enrich and extract cells and diagnostic components.
(3) Slide preparation
Gravity-driven sedimentation of cells, which well preserves cell morphology. The karyoplasm ratio increases in lesioned cells, whose proportion is larger than that of of normal cells and sedimantation velocity is faster. So they are captured in priority by the slide that has been coated with cell adhesive. The quality of slide preparation is stable. 1-24 slides/batch.
(4) Staining
Independently stain each slide to avoid cross-contamination, which ensures the consistency of slide preparation and staining. No difference between batches. Fully comply with the international standard of Pap Stain(wet stained slide). Ensure the chromophilia of cell structure, which is more benificial to the differential diagnosis.