Nucleic Acid Extration
Smart-32 Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument
Smart-32 Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

 Introduction of Instrument:

The extraction instrument owing the functions of temperature control, oscillation and blending, can crack sample and release the nucleic acid under the appropriate conditions, blend the magnetic beads with nucleic acid, elute and release the nucleic acid, transfer and separate the magnetic bead through magnetic device,at last extract the nucleic acid material from the samples. Instrument can extract a single sample or 32 samples at the same time, the user can edit experiment procedure, monitor experiment condition, open or close the ultraviolet light disinfection functions through the touch screen. It operates easily, extract rapidly, and has reliable result.

1.1The principle of instrument

Through using the magnet stick on the lab chamber, transfer the magnetic beads adsorbed with nucleic acid into different reagents hole. Then use the stirring set to mix liquid rapidly and repeatedly, make the liquid and magnetic beads mix evenly. By cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing and elution, eventually get nucleic acid of high purity.

Figure1. Extraction principle of nucleic acid

 Intended use:

With the corresponding magnetic beads method and nucleic acid extracting reagent,this instrument can rapidly extract DNA and RNA from plant and animal tissue,fluid, blood, food and pathogenic microbes samples. The instrument is suitablefor nucleic extraction and purification of biological samples.

 Basic parameter:

Main technical index:

Sensitivity of nucleic acid extraction For extraction of the 30 IU/ml sample, the positive rate is more than 95%.
Difference between extracting hole
Fort he extraction of the same sample, the variation coefficient of CT valuebetween holes is less than 3%.
Temperature control range

Working conditions:

Environmental temperature10 30
Relative humidity
Indoor use

The power supply
Altitude: below 2000m.

 Characteristic of the instrument:

  1. Screen operation: large full color screen, touch operation,easy to use.

  2. Temperature control: custom cracking and elution temperature.

  3. Free program: a powerful program editing function, flexible and efficient, can meet the requirements of different reagents.

  4. Fast extraction : operating time is short, 30 to 60 minutes per times, can extract 32 samples at the same time.

  5. High purity and high yield: according to the purification and optimization scheme, with accurate incubate time, realizes the higher extraction efficiency and purity. The DNA/RNA can be directly used in PCR and RT-PCR.

  6. Stable and reliable: avoid differences and errors caused by  manual operation, the result is stable and with good repeatability.

  7. Self cleaning: it has a built-in disinfection function, can take uv disinfection regularly.

  8. Pollution control: by precise motion control, disposable  consumables and self cleaning, strictly control the pollution between holes and between batches, prevent cross contamination.

  9. Safe and reliable: the door lock automatically.

 Structure of the instrument:

The extraction instrument is composed of the host and the power cord. The host is composed of magnet group, magnetic set, vibration module, heating module,extraction desk, touch-screen, control module, power system and shell parts.

 Operation video:

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