Real-Time PCR Instrument
AGS4800 Real-Time PCR Fluorescence Detecting System
AGS4800 Real-Time PCR Fluorescence Detecting System

Catalog Number: AGS4800


AGS4800 real time PCR fluorescence detecting system is applicable to fluorescent quantitative PCR detection as following fields: research field such asimmunology, human genome biology, forensic medicine, oncology, organization and population biology, paleontology, zoology, botany, etc. Clinical diagnosis field such as virus, tumor, genetic diseased of fluorescent quantitative PCR detection in the field of clinical diagnosis.


1.High throughput sample, up to 144 samples detection at the same time; Changeable flexible supporting scheme. (samplesize: 48/96/144 optional)

2.Sample system, multiple independent samples at the same time/independent load, operation, analysis.

3.Automatic, automatic hot lidsample/sample.

4.Wireless remote real-time controland analysis.

5.Take positive detection rateanalysis, early warning and laboratory pollution.

6.Bring their own database and LIS connection.

7.Reserve automatic PCR link function.

8.With a temperature gradient function.

9.Long life LED, guarantee the stability and reliability of the optical system.

10.Unique humanistic module design,the first domestic 18 group eight tube were allowed experiments at the same time.

11.User-defined report, multicolor printing function; To set up the analysis and to print function.

12.Powerful automatic gain, automatic background correction; The domestic first to realize the background is too low and too high, low signal adaptive reagent for detection.

 Technical Parameter:

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