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About Us
About Us

Da An Gene Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat-sen University will make constant endeavor to build a lasting trust among our customers.


It is a great pleasure to meet our shareholders and customers on the Internet. This is Yunshao, He, CEO of Da An Gene.


For 27 years since its foundation in 1993. Da An Gene has devoted itself to the growth of new and creative technologies in the field of gene diagnostic, which at the time of the company’s foundation, was one of the least developed technical areas in the country.


Da An Gene is maximizing the synergy effect by developing our strength in cooperation with each department. Our ultimate goal in our market is providing the best total solution related to gene diagnostic and we are pouring lots of investment into R&D. Most of our staff are conducting research to support our clients with our Cutting-edge technology.


Da An Gene is prepared to confront the ever-changing business world which requires the spirit of challenge and self-innovation. We will make constant endeavors to build lasting trust among our customers and become a technology-oriented company in the world.


Your continuous encouragement will be the core power for Da An Gene to be developed as the World Best company having the best technology to reach our customers’ needs and wish.


Thank you very much for visiting our website.


Thank you,


Yunshao, He


Chairman & CEO

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