2019-nCoV Neutralizing Antibody Detection Kit (CLIA)
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This kit is applicable for the qualitative detection of the 2019-nCoV neutralizing antibodies in human serum or plasma from vaccinated or 2019-nCoV infected individuals. The test results cannot be used as the only basis for confirming human resistance to the 2019-nCoV and can only be used as supplement for virus neutralization antibody detection.
  • ◆ Fast, 120 tests/hour together with Shine i1910 CLIA Analyzer.
  • ◆ Fully automatic operation.
  • ◆ High specificity, detection of neutralizing antibodies targeting the inhibition of RBD-ACE2 binding.
  • Sample type
    Human serum or plasma
  • Storage
    Stored at 2~8℃
  • Validity period
    12 months
  • Applicable instrument
    Shine i1910, Shine i2910
Order Information
100 tests/kit

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