Molecular diagnosis
RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Magnetic Bead)
  • NMPA
  • CE
  • FSC
This kit is intended to isolate nucleic acid of DNA and RNA viruses from biological sample such as swabs based on magnetic beads technology. The purified nucleic acid can be directly used in downstream applications.
  • ◆ High sensitivity, wild linear range
  • ◆ High magnetic beads acquisition rate
  • ◆ Good repeatability
  • ◆ Ready-to-use extraction kit
  • ◆ Wide range of application
  • Sample Type
    Serum, plasma, throat swab, etc.
  • Storage and shelf life
    Room temperature, 12 months
Order Information
Description Package
RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Magnetic Bead)
20/32/96 tests/kit
RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Magnetic Bead, Alcohol)
32/96 tests/kit
RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Magnetic Bead, Alcohol, Fast)
20/32/96 tests/kit

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