Molecular diagnosis
Detection Kit for 2019-nCoV (PCR-Fluorescence)
  • NMPA
  • CE
  • FSC
This kit is used for the in vitro qualitative detection of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) ORF1ab and N gene in throat swabs and sputum of suspected COVID-19 patients, clustering cases and other needing a diagnosis or differential diagnosis.
  • Fast
    ◆ 35 mins to get results
  • Safe
    ◆ Use of UDG enzyme to prevent carry-over contamination 
  • Endogenous internal control
    ◆ Human housekeeping gene RNase P
  • Simple
    ◆ Use of Nucleic Acid Release and Preservation Kit to release RNA without using extraction system
  • Sampling
  • Nucleic acid purification
  • PCR preparation
  • PCR amplification
  • Report
  • Sample Type
    Throat swab, sputum, saliva specimen
  • Target
    N gene, ORF1ab gene
  • LOD
    500 copies/mL
  • Transportation and Storage
    -20 ℃ ± 5 ℃

Order Information
Description Package
Detection Kit for 2019-nCoV (PCR-Fluorescence) (Fast)
Large package, 24/48/96 tests/kit
Single tube, 24/48/96 tests/kit
Detection Kit for 2019-nCoV (PCR-Fluorescence) (Fast, Saliva sample)
Large package, 24/48/96 tests/kit
Single tube, 24/48/96 tests/kit

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