GD enterprises ramp up efforts to produce disinfectants, detection kits
In response to the epidemic, Daan Gene quickly launched targeted research and development and announced the production of a novel coronavirus pneumonia nucleic acid detection kit on January 13. Daan Gene became one of the first two manufacturers nationwide to develop and release such kits, and the first in Guangdong, obtaining relevant certificates on January 28. The kits are now being used widely at medical institutions of all levels.
When questioned about the accuracy of nucleic acid detection, Zhang Bin, deputy general manager of Daan Gene told GRTradio:
“Generally speaking, nucleic acid detection technology, which is what we call fluorescent PCR technology, requires strong technical support. The entire process of collecting samples, processing samples, and adding nucleic acids to the detection machine needs to be standardized to be effective. Problems at any stage will lead to inaccurate results.”
Daan Gene opened its normally sealed-off Yunkang Lab to GRTradio reporters to display how nucleic acid testing works. Samples retrieved from hospitals are tested daily in what are referred to as "specimen pre-processing" and "specimen processing" rooms.

For safety, when the sorted samples are sent to the 'specimen processing room' on the second floor, they are transported by a special elevator. They are isolated from workers who move upstairs. After preliminary work is conducted, the results can be obtained after 3.5 hours in the specimen processing room."
Laboratory staff work in two shifts to ensure uninterrupted operation of the laboratory 24 hours a day.
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