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Company Overview

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China, Daan Gene is in the front ranks among world's molecular diagnosis companies with its expertise in many core businesses. Apart from developing new molecular diagnostic test kits, automatic extractors and real-time PCR systems, its objectives include producing core raw material, CRMs and setting up labs to perform clinical analyses for hospitals and individuals.

Today, Daan Gene's innovative molecular diagnostic solutions have helped millions of patients all over the world. Besides molecular diagnostic technology, it is also committed to immunological diagnostic, biochemical, and POCT technologies. Daan Gene has set up multiple product lines to make a comprehensive layout in the IVD industry.

Certificate & Honor

Daan Gene has always focused on its quality system right from its inception. We have 2,000m2 GMP certified 10,000-100,000 class clean workshops and we strictly comply with the requirements and processes of ISO13485 for R&D, manufacturing, and service products. Our products are also NMPA and CE certified. Thus we are able to make high-quality IVD products and sell them to the world market.

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iso 13485 2016

Cover the Area

  • Prenatal screening

  • Tumor gene mutation detection

  • Reproductive health

  • Preoperative screening

  • Pathological diagnosis

  • Pre-marriage and pre-pregnancy screening

  • Real-time diagnosis of infectious diseases

  • Public health surveillance

  • Newborn screening

  • Individualized medicine guidance

Cover the Area

Industrialization Platform

Daan Gene has an efficient platform for product commercialization from R&D, product registration, approval, quality control to production.

It has formed a self-developed, complete industry chain platform of world-class IVD products.

Daan Gene Industrialization Platform

R&D Platform

Daan Gene has attached great importance to innovation. As an international leading IVD enterprise, it has always taken the lead to develop diagnostic kits against emergent acute infectious diseases. Our R&D activities cover a wide range of technical fields, including molecular diagnosis, biochemical detection, POCT, pathology, etc. R&D is the source of the Daan Geneʼs growth potential, so we will continue to concentrate our energies entirely on comprehensive solution for diagnostic testing, clinical screening, laboratory efficiency and health management.

Daan Gene R&D Platform

Multi-brand Platform

Daan Gene has established and implemented a multi-brand strategy to strengthen its comprehensive competitiveness in the IVD market.

"Daan Gene" is the brand for the molecular diagnosis product.

"Darui Biology" is the brand for the chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer.

"LBP" is the brand for pathology product.

"Zhongshan Bio-Tech" is the brand for POCT product.

Daan Gene Multi-brand Platform
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No.19, Xiangshan Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Contact Us
No.19, Xiangshan Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
marketing@daangene.com +86-20-32290789-5225