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Specimen Preservation Reagent


This kit is used for tissue and cytopathological analysis specimen preservation. Guanidine salt is the main component of the Specimen Preservation Reagent which can lyse and denature virus and microorganisms in the specimen and at the same time inhibit or denature the RNASE in the specimen, thereby preserving the RNA in the specimen.

Features Of Specimen Preservation Reagent

Specification Of Specimen Preservation Reagent

ComponentsGuanidine isothiocyanate and Proclin-300.
Specimen TypeSwab specimen, serum or plasma, virus culture medium, tissue, and saliva specimen. Specimen collection, storage, and transportation should comply with related operation regulations.
Storage and shelf lifeStore at room temperature with a period of validity of 18 months
CertificateNMPA, FSC, CE
Applicable InstrumentsDA3000 automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, Chemagic Magnetic Separation Module Ⅰ, or other automatic nucleic acid extraction system of the same type and with the same function.

Order Information Of Specimen Preservation Reagent

Cat. No.



1.5mL/tube, 100 tubes/kit; 3 mL/tube, 100 tubes/kit; 5 mL/tube, 100 tubes/kit,10 mL/tube, 50 tubes/kit; 500 mL/bottle, 1 bottle/kit

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