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Daan Gene Shines at Medlab Middle East 2024: Unveiling Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Medlab Middle East 2024 took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from February 5th to 8th. This premier event featured over 900 exhibitors from more than 180 countries, presenting cutting-edge technologies and innovative products in the healthcare industry. Daan Gene showcased its leadership in the Chinese IVD industry, engaging in in-depth and friendly discussions with customers and peers, garnering recognition from attendees.

During the exhibition, Daan Gene presented a full range of in vitro diagnostic products and distinctive comprehensive solutions, including molecular diagnostic solutions and chemiluminescence diagnostic solutions. These solutions cover areas such as pathogen infections, genetic diseases, reproductive health, personalized medicine, tumor screening, chronic disease detection, and health monitoring.



Lava96: High-performance PCR Instrument

Daan Gene showcased the Lava96 real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR analyzer. This self-developed system, based on Polymerase Chain eaction (PCR), features precise temperature control for rapid target temperature attainment. With excellent optical systems, it swiftly completes a 96-well plate scan, and its user-friendly software allows for easy operation and multiple fluorescence detection.

Comprehensive Nucleic Acid Extraction Solution

At the exhibition, Daan Gene's booth not only attracted numerous enthusiasts with new products but also captured attention with several classic products. We offer a complete range of nucleic acid extraction solutions, featuring the Smart 32 Plus and Swift 96 nucleic acid extraction instrument. Additionally, we showcased complementary extraction reagents suitable for various sample types, including whole blood, serum, plasma, etc. Paired with our instruments, experiments can be completed in as fast as 11 minutes.



All-encompassing Molecular Diagnostic Solution: Hepatitis and HPV PCR Reagents

At this exhibition, we highlighted our hepatitis and sexually transmitted infection (STI) series products. Our hepatitis series PCR reagents offer precise detection, aiding clinicians in making informed decisions during diagnosis, monitoring antiviral therapies, and follow-ups. Daan Gene's Human Papillomavirus (HPV) PCR Test adopts advanced diagnostic technology that detects type 16 and type 18 in cervical exfoliated cells and genitourinary secretions specimens. This test aids in the early identification of high-risk HPV types, providing women with better means to guard against cervical cancer.


Utilizing this exhibition platform, Our team provided comprehensive and detailed explanations for the company's diverse range of products. During the exhibition, Daan Gene not only strengthened existing partnerships but also identified numerous potential clients.


Daan Gene has consistently been committed to innovative research and development, adhering to the service philosophy of "Decode Genetic Life. Assure Human Health.". We continuously update and iterate our products, introducing a series of groundbreaking and innovative solutions. As this exhibition concludes successfully, we look forward to the next opportunity to meet you again at the ECCMID exhibition!


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