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RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Preservation)


This nucleic acids purification kit is used for the collection and preservation of virus specimens. Combining the functions of inactivation, preservation, and nucleic acid release, this kind of nucleic acid extraction kit can handle the specimen from collecting to nucleic releasing in one process. The released DNA or RNA can be used directly as a PCR template for amplification.

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Features Of RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Preservation)

Specification Of RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Preservation)

Sample Type

Swab samples (pharyngeal/nasal/eye conjunctiva)

Storage and shelf life

Room temperature, 12 months

Main components

Nucleic acid release reagents and preservation reagents, different batches cannot be mixed

Order Information Of RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Preservation)

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RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Preservation) PDF

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RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Preservation) PDF
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