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What Do You Know About Viral Hepatitis?

What is the Most Common Type of Viral Hepatitis?

Viral hepatitis is an infectious disease caused by various hepatotropic viruses, such as A, B, C, D, and E are the most common hepatitis viruses which can cause liver disease, while there are differences between these 5 types of hepatitis viruses including in terms of the mode of transmission, the severity of the disease, its geographic distribution, and methods of prevention. Hepatitis B and C viruses, in particular, have caused chronic disease in hundreds of millions of people and are a common cause of death related to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and viral hepatitis. An estimated 325 million people worldwide are infected with the hepatitis B or C virus, yet most patients are not tested and treated, and one person dies every 30 seconds from a hepatitis-related disease.


Why is Hepatitis so Dangerous?

Liver disease not only affects liver function but also hazards other organs, severe liver disease can affect the function of other organs. For example, impaired brain function (hepatic encephalopathy), impaired kidney function (hepatorenal syndrome), impaired lung function (hepatopulmonary syndrome), impaired cardiac function (cirrhotic cardiomyopathy), osteoporosis (liver Bone disease), etc.

When liver disease is severe, the body's resistance decreases, and it is prone to various other infections, such as lung infection and abdominal infection.


DaAn Gene Diagnostic Kit for Hepatitis Virus

Accurate diagnosis is crucial to getting hepatitis under control, DaAn Gene's PCR-based hepatitis kit has obtained CE List A Product Certification and performs high sensitivity toward hepatitis virus.


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