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What is Nucleic Acid Extraction System? Basic Requirements and Principles of Nucleic Acid Extraction

Regular detection of nucleic acids is one of the most effective ways to prevent viruses spread. Nucleic acid extraction technology is widely applied in sample pre-processing before nucleic acid amplification. Nucleic acid extraction technologies can be divided into manual extraction and automatic extraction according to the degree of automation. Compared with manual nucleic acid extractors, the application of automatic nucleic acid extraction systems greatly shortens the detection time and reduces the risk of infection during the detection process. The automatic nucleic acid extraction system is the first choice for large-scale nucleic acid detection needs.


What is a Nucleic Acid Extraction System?

The automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument is mainly used for nucleic acid isolation, purification and enrichment. During the operation, just simply add the raw sample and the instrument will automatically completes the entire process of nucleic acid extraction. There is no need for extra manual operation during the extraction process.

Basic Requirements and Principles of Nucleic Acid Extraction

1. To ensure the integrity of the nucleic acid primary structure and prepare for downstream experiments.

2. Exclude the contamination of other nucleic acid molecules.

3. There are no organic solvents and high concentrations of metal ions that inhibit enzymes.

4. Reduce the contamination of proteins, polysaccharides, lipids, and other biological macromolecules in nucleic acid samples.

 The nucleic acid extraction system has the advantages of automation, high-throughput and simple operation, safety, and environmental protection, high purity, high yield, and stable effect, and can realize one-stop safety prevention and control. At the same time, it can extract nucleic acids from various samples such as animal and plant tissues, viruses, fungi, bacteria, plasmids, whole blood, or cultured cells to ensure the safety and reliability of experimental results.

Advantages of DaAn Gene's Nucleic Acid Extraction System


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