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China Aids Iraq in Building PCR Laboratory

China Aids Iraq In Building Pcr Laboratory

On March 25, 2020, the PCR laboratory for the fight against the 2019-nCoV epidemic constructed by the Chinese expert team was unveiled and officially put into use in the Iraq capital of Baghdad, which will significantly improve the ability of nucleic acid detection.

Molecular Diagnosis

Chemiluminescence Analysis

The PCR laboratory provided by China took on the nationwide 2019-nCoV testing task in Iraq, and the assistance staff tested the samples transferred from the central laboratory overnight. On March 25, before the laboratory aided by China was launched, the entire Iraqi laboratory can test only 200-300 samples per day, and the newly assisted laboratory can test 1000 samples per day.

Pathology Diagnosis

Jack Yang, a specialist from Daan Gene, was one of the volunteers. He arrived in Iraq with a complete set of PCR laboratory equipment and consumables, including nucleic acid reagents, nucleic acid extraction instruments, biological safety cabinets, etc.

Although there was a double threat caused by war and the epidemic, the volunteers were determined to overcome all the difficulties to complete their mission-to assist local medical institutions. They had been working for more than 50 days continuously to build the “Great Wall” to fight against COVID-19.

On March 25, the PCR laboratory assisted by Daan Gene was established in Baghdad Medical City. This laboratory has greatly improved the local PCR testing capabilities and alleviated the urgent need in Iraq.

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