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How to Prevent and Treat Monkeypox

How to Prevent Monkeypox?

The monkeypox virus mainly transmits through close contact with an infected person, animal or materials contaminated by the monkeypox virus. Here are the monkeypox prevention steps:

How to Treat Monkeypox?

Smallpox and monkeypox are caused by orthopoxviruses, so the smallpox vaccine is considered effective to prevent monkeypox virus infection, and the doctor may prescribe smallpox antiviral drugs to treat monkeypox. Currently, monkeypox has no specific approved treatment, monkeypox is a self-limiting disease, and the treatment of monkeypox majorly aims at relieving the symptoms.

Principle of Laboratory Detection of Monkeypox Virus

Monkeypox detection methods are mainly divided into two categories: virus PCR detection, virus antigens and antibodies detection.

PCR test method of monkeypox virus: Based on a specific sequence of monkeypox virus genes, specific primers, and fluorescent probes designed to target the highly conserved coding regions of the monkeypox virus gene for PCR amplification. The principle carries out through amplifying different fragment sizes and restriction endonuclease digestion of different length fragments of domain amplification fragments. PCR tests can be used for monkeypox infection rapid laboratory tests and early clinical diagnosis.


Principle of PCR Detection Method

Monkeypox test kit: Immunoassay can use for both antigen and antibody detection. However, antigen cross-reaction between monkeypox virus and poxvirus will decrease the specificity of detection, so the monkeypox virus cannot identify accurately. Antigen/antibody detection commonly use for epidemiological investigation, which has the merits of rapid results and simple procedures. In acute and convalescent periods, serum antibodies raised by 4 times can apply in diagnosis of monkeypox virus infection. But it can only be used as an auxiliary diagnosis in the middle and late stages of the disease.


Principle of Immune Detection Method

DaAn Gene monkeypox PCR detection kit has obtained CE, FSC and MHRA certifications. Our product uses real-time fluorescent PCR technology, which has the advantages of high sensitivity and specificity and can realize early and rapid diagnosis of suspected infections.

WHO recommended in 《Laboratory testing for the monkeypox virus (Interim guidance)》for using specific real-time PCR or poxvirus general test methods should be used preferentially to detect suspected monkeypox virus samples. The laboratory confirmation of suspected monkeypox infection should  base on a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing method to detect the monkeypox virus-specific DNA sequences. PCR technology is the preferred method for monkeypox detection due to its high accuracy and sensitivity. Skin lesion specimens are recommended for diagnostic confirmation of MPXV, including swabs of rashes exudate and lesion surface, lesion crusts, and roof swabs from multi-lesion.

A reliable diagnosis is crucial to stop the spread of monkeypox and prescribe appropriate treatment to patients. DaAn Gene’s monkeypox detection kit is based on the WHO recommended diagnosis method: real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which highly targets the conservative region of the Monkeypox virus gene coding region. In addition, DaAn Gene‘s monkeypox PCR reagents involved endogenous internal to monitor the whole NAAT procedure from sampling to PCR result, providing accurate and reliable results.

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